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INX Software Pty Ltd grew out of Cube Consulting Pty Ltd as a natural evolution of the development of an integrated workforce management system for the resource sector. The INX Software product was developed around a series of databases developed for Chevron, Schlumberger, Clough and Newcrest which evolved into an integrated workforce management system. In the year 2000, prior to the start of the mining boom, the energy sector had learned many lessons about safety management and were increasingly applying information technology to managing safety. INX Software was developed to use that experience and make it available across the resource sector to integrate those systems into wider systems for managing the workforce.

Today INX Software has hundreds of customers across four continents, working in multiple languages, managing hundreds of thousands of employee records. The systems are used in energy, mining, contracting, construction, transportation, communications, health and marine industry sectors. It provides state-of-the-art technology that makes a difference in the working lives of men and women by helping to identify and reduce risk, improve communication and raise productivity.

INX Software Pty Ltd continues to be owned and operated by Australian professionals actively involved in the business but the outlook for the business is increasingly international.


We take pride in the quality of our products and services

We maintain a focus on quality and reliability. Our products and services are measured by their ability to achieve our client’s business objectives. They differentiate themselves by being well-engineered, easy to use, innovative and elegantly simple.

We treat each other with respect

We treat all people with respect and dignity, value every voice and provide equality of opportunity. We ensure that all interactions are professional in nature and always act with honesty and integrity. We will inspire trust by saying what we mean and matching our behavior to our words.

We treat our customers with honesty and integrity

We promise only what we can deliver and we deliver what we promise. We build trusted relationships with our customers and partners with open and transparent communications and information sharing.

We operate a sustainable business

We value skilled people and help to develop their working careers to ensure the company has a depth of talent to draw upon. We respect the value of a balanced life, enriched by a satisfying working environment. We actively build a better, stronger more durable company by providing a positive, structured environment, strategic leadership and freedom to innovate.


Our mission is to develop intelligent workforce management software and services.

We will achieve our goals by building a world leading team in the areas of product planning, design, development, marketing and professional services.

Our customers will experience our success through products that are elegant, functionally rich, that evolve quickly in response to their changing requirements and that are supported by a highly competent and responsive technical support and services team.

Our people will be involved in an environment characterised by quality, innovation and commitment to customer relationships.

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