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Making the change from an existing solution or provider to another can often be challenging. There is often hesitation from users to change and whilst you can see the immediate benefit they might not. The team at INX Software recognises this and has put together some helpful tips for ensuring a successful management of change process which are available here.

Our experienced team have a number of processes and methods in place to ensure the transition from your current solution to ours is made as smooth and simple as possible and we are here to lead and guide you the whole way.

Bringing across your existing data and information

There will be time allocated during the initial workshops to discuss your specific data migration requirements. Our team will let you know what’s required and how this can be provided.

Once the data has been supplied, the project Implementation Consultant will review the data to ensure all INX mandatory fields have been mapped correctly. When the data review and cleansing has been completed, the data will be uploaded into a test instance for your review.

Reviewing this information

The test environment will be made available for you and your team to review the data and ensure everything is as it should be. Once you are happy we will then move this to a production environment.

Working with existing systems

INX Software has integrated with many different HR, ERP, Payroll and other third party systems for our customers. Essentially we use the people information from the third party system and use this to communicate with INX to update relevant parts of the system, saving huge amounts of time, effort and money. For a range of systems we have previously integrated with visit our Integrations page.

Additional requests

If you require custom reports or other services our team will work with you to finalise the requirements before completing the work and building it into the live system for you.

Becoming an expert

INX System Administration Training will be conducted prior to commencing UAT to make sure there is full understanding of the system, its components and configuration options. At the end of training you will have complete knowledge of the system and will have the skills to train others in your organisation. We also provide an eLearning option for online training anytime, anywhere and this is also available in multiple languages.

Here to help

Once the key milestones have been achieved and deliverables provided, the project will be considered for closure. Typically the project will close and be transitioned to our support team within 2 to 4 weeks of the INX system being deployed to your production environment. Our team is always here to help and you will also have access to our online help. The online help selected will link though to an external website hosted within INX and is updated  to reflect any changes within each major release. This also features top tips and tricks and lessons learned from other clients.

As a local company, dealing with INX Software has always been easy from initial contact through to implementation and support. They are always there when we need it.

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