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INX Software is a leading global industry provider of Metals and Mining Software Solutions that are designed to improve the health, safety, compliance, travel, logistics and environmental management for more cost effective and efficient operations.

Our solutions assist our mining and metals customers manage safety meetings, inspections, injuries, training, competencies, compliances, procedures, travel bookings, roster scheduling, accommodation, permits, stakeholders, communications, obligations, legislation, medical assessments and business processes and provide the tools to support ISO attainment and certification. INX Software is a cloud and mobile capable solution that offers flexibility and ease of use to ensure wide and immediate user adoption to affect positive change and results. 

Metals and Mining Industry Statistics

Western Australia

Produces more than 50 different commodities, making it a leading contributor to the State’s economy


Of trips and falls are caused by inattentiveness and distraction

$61.8 billion

This is how much work-related injuries and diseases cost the Australian community per year

Body stress

Accounts for 38% of serious workers’ compensation claims

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Common Metals and Mining Industry Requirements Manage with INX Software
Engage with government departments, NGOs, landholders, industry bodies, and local communities
Develop strong, trusting and lasting relationships with host communities
Manage human rights with regards to water resources, land access and security
Comply with Communities and Social Performance (CSP) Standards for maintaining community relationships
Monitor and manage day-to-day impacts, concerns and social risks
Manage closure of operational sites
Comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN Global Compact initiatives
Have a health and safety management system based on the AS/NZS 4801 Standards framework
Avoid, prevent, mitigate, remediate, manage and monitor environmental impacts of running operations
Ensure licence to operate within compliance of environmental laws and standards
Enforce safety risk assessments, potential community impacts and controls to mitigate these impacts
Encourage routine employee engagement with OHS committees, pre-start meetings and safety toolbox talks
Monitor and manage air emissions and develop less carbon-intensive processes
Keep the public informed about organizational environmental responsibilities
Ensure mine rehabilitation practices are carried out
Drive initiatives to help restore and preserve wildlife habitats
Manage environmental incidents such as minor oil, fuel and chemical spills
Comply with the environmental management system Standard ISO 14001
Conduct third-party assurance reviews
Manage and prevent common WHS dangers such as noise, air hazards, musculoskeletal disorders and fatigue
Enforce risk assessments, training, application of controls, and monitoring and review mechanisms
Utilise a Mine Closure Toolbox for mine closures and land rehabilitation
Conduct stakeholder surveys

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