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Ensure greater compliance

Managing and maintaining the legal, safety and regulatory data of all of your suppliers in the one system will ensure you are better protected and more compliant.

Visibility of process via dashboards

Dashboards available to hiring organisations and suppliers clearly outline statuses of pre-qualifications and quick access to pre-qualification content.

Continuous delivery

INX Connect is a multi-tenant cloud application which uses a continuous delivery methodology. Meaning as soon as features are available, they are deployed to the platform for use.

Enjoy more free time

No more disparate spreadsheets, back and forth emails and phone calls and issues when suppliers arrive on site without the required documentation. INX Connect streamlines the entire process all online and puts the onus back on the supplier to complete the required information or risk losing the job.

One simple screen to search and select the best suppliers

View business details for each supplier

Find the right supplier based on capability and location

Verify all pre-qualification requirements

Feature INX Connect
Self-service company registration
Upload and distribute pre-qualification documents
Ability to identify new suppliers on the platform using search
Colour-coded qualification statuses
In Tray and Dashboards for both suppliers and hiring organisations
Synchronisation of company status to INX

How it works for the Hiring Company

1. Establish relationship

Easily search for suppliers on the portal and add them to your known suppliers list.

2. Commence pre-qualification

Request pre-qualification documentation your organisation needs to determine supplier compliance.

3. Collect and review information

Your suppliers will access the portal, upload the requested documentation and complete the requirements. You will have complete visibility over the pre-qualification.

1. Build your profile

1. Build your profile

Create your account online and upload the required documentation and information to complete your profile.

2. Respond to pre-qualifications

Respond to pre-qualification requests from hiring organisations by supplying documentation through the portal.

3. Maintain profile information

Keep your business profile and documentation up to date via the portal. You can set expiry dates to know when you need to review documentation.

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