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We have been using INX to manage our safety, risk, stakeholders and environment for the past 18 months. We recently brought on the INX InControl Mobile application as part of the new Version 5 update and where in the past we had entire sites refusing to use other solutions we now have over 5000 employees and contractors using INX. The modern look and feel along with added functionality means we are capturing far more information and ensuring a more proactive approach to ensuring greater safety and compliance and reducing the overall risk to the business and our teams.

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Features Included
Time/date stamp event reports
Assign corrective actions to other users
Create and complete checklists
Capture incidents, injuries, risks, and more
Conduct risk assessments using your risk matrix
Complete audits, inspections and safety meetings
Includes custom fields for specific event types
Upload and attach photos and links as evidence
Syncs directly with INX InControl
Native apps for iOS and Android
Easy to use, no training required
Offline friendly for remote workforces
Report and submit events

Incident Reporting, Safety Observations, Audits and Inspections on the go

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Monitor workplace health, safety, risk and quality on the go with INX InControl Mobile

Report incidents and events immediately

Knowing that an incident has occurred is vital to ensure action can be taken and further risk prevented. With INX InControl Mobile, incidents and other reactive events can be reported with the right people alerted immediately.

Encourage greater participation

Reporting HSE issues relies on users knowing who to tell. With INX InControl Mobile, all staff can easily report incidents and events from their own phone meaning more information can be collected.

More data for improved understanding

Reporting and analysis is only as good as the data being captured. With INX InControl Mobile, information can be collected faster and from more people meaning you can better understand what is going on and act accordingly.

Replace printed checklists

Replace printed checklists

Completing checklists for audits, inspections and other events typically involves creating one, printing it, filling it out and sending it through to someone. With INX InControl Mobile, users can complete the relevant checklist through the app with the results automatically going through to the right person.

Know your actions and responsibilities

Know your actions and responsibilities

Ensuring tasks are completed is made easier by being able to notify those responsible. INX InControl Mobile ensures that your team knows what actions and events have been assigned to them so they can easily complete it by the set due date.

One master database

One master database

Managing data in multiple locations often leads to information loss and human erorr. INX InControl Mobile works directly with your INX InControl database so there is only ever one source of truth.

Reduce risk

Hazard and risk identification occurs outside of inspection and audit procedures. With INX InControl Mobile, you expand your network of people who can report incidents and other events immediately so you can implement controls to reduce further incidents and injuries.

Promote a safety culture

Preventing incidents and reducing risks extends beyond the management team. INX InControl Mobile enables both employees and contractors to easily report hazards and events which in turn encourages a more safety focused culture.

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