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Introducing the new INX InForm Outlook tool.

This exciting addition to INX InForm provides users with a convenient and simplified means for managing stakeholder and communication records that ensures greater visibility and accuracy of stakeholder activity and performance.

The INX InForm Outlook tool can be set up in minutes and connects directly to your INX InForm database.

Users can now submit email communications directly to the INX InForm database by simply capturing information by type, sentiment and method and linking this to stakeholder profiles, topics and obligations.

Once the communication record is saved, it will be flagged to ensure duplication doesn’t occur. Users also have the option to edit/update the communication record should changes need to be made.

If the stakeholder doesn’t already exist in the database, users can create a new stakeholder profile directly within Outlook. All information submitted through the Outlook tool is immediately available from within INX InForm.


Features Included
Communications register
Conformity status/tracking
Obligations management register
Issues management register
Stakeholder engagement register
Tenement profiles and conditions
Stakeholder group and individual profiles
Schedule and manage tasks
Notifications and alerts
Secure access
Document and communication sensitivity
Reporting & graphing tools
Compliant with ISO 26000 - Social Responsibility

A smarter way of managing obligations, stakeholders and communications

Obligation management

INX InForm allows users to upload all obligations and their associated conditions within the obligations register and link them to various projects/sites across an organisation. Each Obligation, or source document, can be categorised by the Administrators and a range of crucial dates are captured to track the various statuses and stages each Obligation is in i.e. Granted, Rejected, Appealing, Expired.

Create, manage and schedule tasks

INX InForm allows users granted users to create, assign and schedule tasks and responsibilities to individuals with target completion dates which can be easily tracked until task completion. Should a task not be completed by the due date, the task will be escalated and their relevant manager/supervisor notified.

Improve stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders have various degrees of influence on a project or organisation and its desired outcomes. INX InForm supports the management of stakeholders by providing the platform to establish stakeholder profiles, create/track tasks, and record engagement to ensure the best outcome possible. These stakeholders can be managed as part of the Obligation Management functionality or independently of.   

Use INX InForm to manage all obligations, stakeholders and communications

Capture all types of engagement

Engagement entails many forms including complaints, meetings, conferences or feedback from a variety of platforms such as emails, phone calls, social media and more. The communication register allows users to record and classify all points and types of engagement and consultation with Stakeholders.  


Manage tenement profiles & conditions

INX InForm contains an optional system setting designed to help manage tenement related obligations. Users can record basic tenement profile information and link these profiles to conditions within the obligation register. Tenement related content can then be linked to other external mapping systems such as ArcGIS and MapInfo.


Companywide visibility

Provide your organisation with complete visibility across stakeholders and obligations performance with the ability to capture company and/or project/site information and carry this through to your reporting and analysis. 


Simple and effective reporting

INX InForm provides powerful reporting and graphing tools that allows granted users to extract captured environmental, obligation and stakeholder data and information to export into downloadable and shareable PDF, Excel, Word and image files.  Enhance your reporting further with INX +BI or custom reports as built by our team.


Secure and personalised access

Users, both internal and external, can be added to the system with various layers of accessibility and functions. User sensitivity settings can provide unique levels of access to sensitive stakeholder correspondence and general documentation.

Review how effective your strategy is

INX InForm allows for the sentiment of each communication record to be captured which enables organisation’s to monitor stakeholder satisfaction and review the effectiveness of their engagement strategy.


Supporting GRI

INX InForm supports the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework that enables organisation’s to work towards sustainability, environmental, social and governance reporting to provides greater organisational transparency. 



Environmental compliance management

Enjoy the benefits of an integrated solution. With INX, clients can link their obligations (INX InForm) to sampling activity (INX InViron) where a monitoring-type obligation has been setup within the system. This provides users with a complete environmental management package. 

Manage ongoing issues with ease

Projects typically encounter a range of issues/topics and the ability to manage these can determine the overall success of the project for both the organisation and its stakeholders. INX InForm enables users to record, categorise, investigate and analyse issues which then assists in preventing future issues and their impacts from occurring.

Track changes

INX InForm ensures that changes made throughout the system are tracked and date stamped to provide complete transparency and accountability of any activity across the system.

INX InForm Centralise and Simplify Processes

Centralise and simplify current processes

Finding ways to improve productivity and reduce costs without causing inconvenience is what we are all about. As an integrated solution, INX InForm can work with a range of 3rd party applications and other INX solutions to ensure a single source of truth for obligation and stakeholder management.

INX InForm Track Obligation Conformance

Track obligation conformance

Obligations contain a series of conditions that must be individually managed over time. INX InForm allows you to create tasks associated with these conditions and track the compliance status against this so that nonconformities can be easily identified and addressed.

INX InForm Compliance Tracking

Compliance tracking

With INX, clients can link their obligations (INX InForm) to incidents, breaches, audits or inspections (INX InControl) to create a relationship of the compliant or non-compliant activity.

INX InForm Outlook Email Integration

Capture communications directly in Outlook

This exciting addition to INX InForm provides users with a convenient and simplified means for managing stakeholder and communication records that ensures greater visibility and accuracy of stakeholder activity and performance.

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