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Features Included
Needs analysis for company, section or individual
Automated reminders
Personalised calendars
Course management
Integrates with LMS and mobile assessment apps
Manage by role
3rd party system integration
Track training costs
Keep up to date with changing standards
Bulk upload requirements
Skills monitoring and management
Scheduled reporting/reporting tools

Simplify your training management and improve your compliance

Ensure a safe and compliant workforce

Knowing your employees and contractors are equipped and qualified to do their job ensures you both remain compliant and can provide a safer working environment.

Minimising administrative overhead & costs

Managing training for large groups of people is complex especially when done through spreadsheets and disparate systems. INX InTuition ensures all your training can be managed in the one place where updates only need to be made once.

Cover your organisation legally

Having people work in jobs they are not qualified for opens your company up to huge fines and risks. INX InTuition ensures you can easily track and identify gaps in individual competencies, compliances and procedures so you can address them immediately.

Streamline & centralise training management

INX InTuition allows for the management of training from identifying individual requirements and gaps to creating, scheduling and completing online and offline courses all in the one solution.


Ensure compliance with standards

INX InTuition provides the tools to so you can achieve compliance across ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), ISO 19011 (Auditing Management Systems) and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety).


Immediate visibility over training

Use the skills, capability and needs matrices to assess the current status of your workforce in one screen or see what training is required and scheduled in another.


Stay informed

Be notified of issues and expiries for individual competencies, compliances and procedures with automated email notifications and scheduled reports.


Individual and company level tracking

Track the level of compliance and competency at both an individual level through the person profiles or at a company level through the matrices and reporting tools.

Simple training reports

Use the range of pre-built reports and graphs or create your own with the ad hoc reporting and graphing tools to address your reporting requirements.



Simple course management

Create training courses and associate what competencies, compliances and procedures will be covered. Upon completion, the individuals’ skill sets will be automatically updated in their profiles.


Assess role suitability

Use the role status tool to assess the suitability of an employee for their current role or for a new one based on the skills they possess against those required for the job.


Online and offline training

Training delivery is no longer simply face to face. INX InTuition ensures you can manage all types of training be it online or in person so all your training needs are met.


Keep your team informed

Users can stay informed of training nominations and courses through INX InTuition’s personalised in tray and email notifications.

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