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Manage Pre-Mobilisation with INX +LMS


Learn more about our new Contractor Mobilisation solution for your contractor pre-mobilisation and mobilisation requirements.

Online and offline training management for improved compliance

Simplicity through automation

INX +LMS automatically picks up information from the person profiles, online courses and competency configuration from INX InTuition saving you time and improving data accuracy.

Automated course creation

For every procedure created within INX InTuition, INX +LMS automatically creates courses using a standardised template which makes the procedures immediately available for review by users who need to read and understand them.


Users can self-register and select induction roles configured within INX InTuition to provide direct access to personalised induction content.

New user profiles

New self-created user profiles can be validated by LMS administrators and linked to existing INX InTuition user profiles or inserted as new records eliminating double entry and saving significant administration time.


Training certificates

Upon completing training and assessments, employees and contractors receive a completion certificate which is automatically stored against their INX profile as an attachment.


Profiles kept up to date

Upon completing a course, the user’s competencies, compliances and procedure records will be automatically updated in INX InTuition. A copy of the course certificate will also be stored against the profile for auditability and evidence purposes. 


Version control for compliance

INX +LMS provides automated version control to track which version of a procedure employees have completed to ensure a more compliant workforce.


Set pass/fail scores

Training administrators can set pass and fail scores for different course and assessment types. The results, as well as the relevant competencies, compliances and procedures achieved, will automatically carry through to the user’s profile in INX InTuition.

Save time and money

Creating, managing and tracking individual training is time consuming and complex. INX +LMS simplifies this for you through integrated training and course management with profiles automatically being updated for you.


Fast-track training

Training typically involves coordinating the availability of a trainer, trainee and training room. INX +LMS simplifies this process by moving it all online meaning more people can be trained and faster.


Training anytime

As a web based solution, users can complete their online training at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world.


Mobile and tablet friendly

With compatible course content, your team can use their smartphone or tablet device to access and complete courses from wherever they are, whenever they want.


A global solution

Accounting for different learning needs is vital to a successful training program. INX +LMS uses browser language detection to present information in the user's native language to ensure staff from around the world have simple and immediate access to training resources.

Role-specific courses

Users are provided with a series of induction courses which are to be completed based on their specific requirements.

Automatically updated development plans

Personal development plans are automatically created for all staff and are updated in real time to ensure everyone has completed the latest online courses and procedures required for their role.

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