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Environmental Services

Establishing a sound environmental management strategy and system is fundamental to improving environmental performance and organizational efficiency. Effective management can provide many benefits for your business through reduced risk, greater operational efficiency, reduced liabilities, positive corporate image and improved business performance. The activities and processes for environmental project approvals, compliance, monitoring and reporting require specialized experience and systems to aid in the capture and analysis of data and performance reporting.

INX Software's Environmental Consulting Services team works with Significant Environmental Services (SES) for the provision of environmental consulting services. Significant Environmental Services possess over 15 years’ experience providing a variety of environmental consulting services to the mining industry across the entire life-cycle of mine sites and are well-known for their strategic and practical approaches to environmental management.

Together, we aim to simplify the way by which environmental outcomes are managed by applying our comprehensive understanding of the environmental monitoring, regulatory and reporting requirements of organizations. We offer a valuable solution designed to reduce the costs of environmental compliance across the life-cycle of your business. This ensures environmental compliance, strengthens environmental objectives and policy building, improves performance, mitigates risk and presents opportunities for improvement.

The InViron monitoring, compliance and reporting software provides the platform to support these consulting services and accelerate your corporate environmental management strategy performance and efficiency. This way, we can deliver a sustainable, integrated solution for managing your environmental strategy and meeting regulatory obligations.

How we can help

  • Comprehensive reporting – annual environmental reports, groundwater monitoring reviews etc.
  • Strategic environmental scoping and scheduling
  • Coordination of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies
  • Completion of regulatory environmental approvals and licensing documentation - PER or API for EPA; Clearing Permit, Mining Proposal and Mine Closure Plan for DMP; Works Approval for DER; GWL Operating Strategy for DoW; etc.
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP) and Systems (EMS)
  • Mine closure and rehabilitation planning
  • Site environmental management and monitoring support
  • Environmental compliance auditing
  • Environmental due diligence and liabilities assessment
  • Project management

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