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With INX Cloud, we take all the stress and worry away from organising your own servers and maintaining the system from a technical point of view which means you can start managing your workforce smarter and faster. INX Cloud is provided on a shared, dedicated virtual or physical environment and provisioned from an ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centre. All INX data centres are located locally and offer disaster recover and redundancy.

7 reasons to go with INX Cloud hosting

1. Faster Implementation
Faster implementation time-frames within a dedicated, pre-configured technical environment reducing the financial and operational risk to the client

2. Lower costs
Tiered pricing model provides lower and more predictable costs and scalability to support the size and growth of your environment. By going with INX Cloud, you can also save thousands more by avoiding server and infrastructure licensing costs.

3. Dedicated support
Dedicated support that is accompanied by a full set of technical support, maintenance and monitoring services

4. Equipment sorted
Equipment procurement, provisioning and installation, network monitoring and management are backed by Service Level Agreements

5. Greater security
Dedicated network security, firewalls and DDOS protection

6. ISO certified
ISO27001 certified data centre

7. Upgrades included
Server Hardware and Operating System upgrades included

What does INX Cloud hosting include?

INX are responsible for all software and hardware maintenance of the hosted infrastructure. This includes;

  • All software patches for the hosted environment infrastructure operating systems, in order to maintain and improve is ability to support all INX installed applications
  • Hardware maintenance for the hosted environment infrastructure, in order to maintain and improve is ability to support all INX installed applications
  • Hosted Environment support is provided on a 24x7 basis, monitored by INX Support using cutting edge hardware, application and network monitoring tools
  • Redundant hardware kept on-site at each location to provide the ability to replace failed equipment to maintain a 99.5% uptime
  • Multiple data centre locations to conform with Data Sovereignty Laws and to provide Disaster Recovery
  • Security procedures to support INX’s documented Information Security Incident Management Policy

Being able to manage our workforce through INX Software and have hosting done under the same hood makes the entire process that much easier

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