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Features Included in Package
Viewing the location of all employees and contractors in a single screen
Processing charges to cost centres
Flagging travel and accommodation booking errors
Generating reports and graphs using built in templates and tools
Creating rosters that align with your business requirements
Viewing and reporting on arrival and departure information
Automating the booking process
Building rosters for future periods to assess demand
Managing multi-leg travel routes and multiple sites in the one location
Booking all forms of travel across commercial flights, charter flights, helicopter flights, bus, car and boat
Allowing contractors and employees to review their rosters, travel and itineraries through a secure mobile app
Update rosters, mobilize, and edit/deactivate profiles in the workflow
Manage fly-in-fly-out workers' schedules
Reschedule or re-book, create new, or cancel existing bookings
Enable secure access
Access unique log in
Completed all tasks online; no more emails, phone calls and unnecessary back-and-forth
Export reports in either PDF, Word and Excel formats
Perform ad hoc travel bookings
Automatically update associated INX InFlight records
Access travel bookings on your mobile when on the go
Work within an interface with various global distribution systems
Automate your travel booking requests
Select from over 50 data visualisation types to find the one that works for your reporting needs
View multiple charts, and drill-down to view the breakdown of information in your dashboards
Set up your favourite, public and private dashboards
Create custom dashboards and reports with the easy to use drag and drop functionality
Take your dashboards wherever you go with our desktop and mobile native apps for iPhone, iPad, and HTML5 Android
Pass the PowerPoint and instead use your dashboards as storyboards to drive your management meetings
Export reports in either PDF, Word and Excel formats

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Travel Management Tasks

  • Crew rotations

  • Charter, domestic and international flights

  • Accommodation and camp bookings

  • Ad hoc and emergency bookings

  • Reporting

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Thanks to INX we managed to achieve a saving close to $1,000,000 per annum, even after deducting the cost of the software, that’s a hard cash saving, plus it provides a report with a higher degree of accuracy, with no assumptions or guestimates.

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Savings thanks to INX

The new INX InFlight Mobile (coming soon!)


Integration with leading OBT, Serko

Serko Online is Australasia’s leading Online Booking Tool (OBT) for large organisations. Serko’s OBT allows travel administrators and travellers to book flights, accommodation and hire-cars anywhere in the world online. Serko Online also supports powerful Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) booking functionality that allows FIFO Administrators to book hundreds of commercial flights simultaneously using an Excel-based import template sourced from INX InFlight.

Serko has worked closely with INX Software to develop direct synchronisation of traveller profiles from INX. With booking automation, organisations in the mining, energy and resources sector can dramatically cut costs and improve productivity as seen through our success stories.

We knew about INX Software’s solid reputation in the industry and we had a number of employees who had previously used the INX InFlight solution. We have immediately found it far easier to maintain the integrity of our data and manage the travel, accommodation and rosters for our workforce.

Case Studies

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