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Features Included in Package
Configure to your business requirements meaning minimal disruption
Manage any type of event, with the ability to create your own custom events
Assign and track corrective actions
Keep up to date with dedicated risk registers
Generate and manage registers for assets, chemicals, equipment and more
Prepare injury and return to work plans
Create your own custom reports and graphs
Drill-down enabled graphs for items, such as root causes and equipment involved in incidents
Access on your mobile when you're on the go
Recording and managing employee medical consultations and booking schedules using an interactive calendar
Conducting a variety of medical assessments and evaluations through online digital forms which are built around company requirements
Manage a library of medications and employee dosages
Monitor employee medical conditions and their severity per employee
Profiling the workforce and group employees through the dedicated Similar Exposure Group (SEG) register
Establishing exposure monitoring programs (e.g. lead, noise, asbestos) and schedule sampling activities
Capture treatment information and populate referral and lab request templates
Conducting occupational hygiene sampling on the workforce (e.g. urine and blood tests, noise meter readings etc.), attach sampling documentation and import equipment readings
Record any medical certificates against employee profiles
Establish occupational hygiene sample quotas and track completeness
Flagging exceedances of Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs)
Generating health and medical reports and graphs
Select from over 50 data visualisation types to find the one that works for you
View multiple charts, and drill-down to view the breakdown of information
Set up your favourite, public and private dashboards
Use pre-built injury and event management dashboards
Create custom dashboards and reports with the easy to use drag and drop functionality
Take your dashboards wherever you go with our desktop and mobile native apps for iPhone, iPad, and HTML5 Android
Pass the PowerPoint and instead use your dashboards as storyboards to drive your management meetings
Export reports in either PDF, Word and Excel formats

We sought a new solution which would ensure data centralisation, workflow management, analysis, event monitoring and encourage the proactive management of health and safety and INX gives us this.

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