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Features Included in Package
Quality events (audits, inspections, take 5s, safety meetings)
Create your own events
Create your own workflows
Create checklists, link to events and assign to individuals to complete
Lodge incident, injury and other event reports either online or offline (via the mobile app)
Assign corrective actions and track current statuses
Manage hazards and risks through a dedicated risk register
Conduct risk assessments using your own risk matrix or the ISO standard 5x5
Maintain registers for assets, chemicals, equipment and more along with scheduled inspections
Generate frequency rates, injury rates and other safety data
Generate your monthly reports and graphs with ease through our built in templates and also provide the tools to build your own
Generate injury and return to work plans
Manage workers compensation
Manage insurances
View safety dashboards with drill-down capability
Present safety dashboards in presentation mode or share with senior management
Easily export safety data and statistics or schedule regular reports to management
Integrates with other INX solutions for extended functionality
Integrates with your existing 3rd party systems

The new INX InControl Mobile App

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The new ISO 45001 standard - are you ready?



The ISO 45001 standard is the world’s first occupational health and safety international standard management system. This software helps Australian organisations provide a safe and healthy workplace for their workers and other people, prevent deaths, work-related injuries and ill-health, as well as continually improving OH&S performance. The implementation of an OH&S management system will be a strategic decision for any organisation that can be used to support its sustainability.

How will this affect you?

The ISO 45001 standard management system is designed to be beneficial for all types of organisations, whether you’re operating in a small-to-medium sized business or a global conglomerate.

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We wanted a solution that could adapt to the ever changing climates of our business; INX provided this along with providing greater transparency across the company.

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