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One source for employee and contractor data. One company-wide workforce management solution.

Unlike other providers who only focus on a specific area of workforce management, INX Software has developed the complete package to help your entire business. This means you can rely on the one piece of software to manage your employees and contractors instead of multiple which makes your job so much easier. Our software is integrated so that whether you're just looking to manage one area such as Safety that you can later plug in another area such as Compliance to ensure your data is accurate, easily maintained and always up to date. We are a system that grows with your company whereby your system always stays on no matter how many people you are managing. We also give you everything our software has to offer as opposed to making you pick and choose individual elements of the software which makes us most cost effective and user friendly. 

See our range of solutions below which all work together to help your business work smarter and faster and ensure greater compliance.

Increase compliance and adopt a proactive approach to your occupational health and safety (OHS) management system. Manage everything from incidents, audits, injuries, insurance, and return to work.

Improve productivity and reduce costs by centralising the management of travel and logistics in the one database.

Capture and manage environmental data  and become a sustainability leader through our Environmental solution.

Identify, manage and mitigate risks across your business by implementing controls and corrective actions with our easy to use Risk Management solution.

Reduce training costs, simplify course management and manage all learning and assessments with our easy to use Training and Competence solution.

Simplify obligation and communication management to ensure compliance and stakeholder satisfaction.

Manage, report and analyse your compliance across health, safety, environment, quality (HSEQ), regulations, stakeholders and obligations to ensure compliance.

Streamline and simplify occupational hygiene data management and reporting with our Occupational Health & Hygiene solution.

Enable contractors to complete inductions and upload required documentation before arriving on site or commencing work.

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