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If you are based in Africa please email us your support ticket here or call us on +27126442118. For all other customers please continue on this current page. We are unable to resolve any support items for customers who are not in Africa who email this address or contact this number.

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Access the new online help direct from your product. To do so simply click the Online Help below your name in the top left hand corner.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I am logged in but do not see anything in my navigation page or actions or events?

A: Contact your INX system administrator to ensure your network name is correct, we have seen an extra space at the end of the user name and a forward slash instead of a backslash cause security not to synchronize. Only an INX system administrator has the ability to change the network name for a user. For this reason it is also good practice to have two INX system administrators, in case one of them finds themselves in this position.

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INX InFlight

Q: I have added a roster to a person’s profile, clicked ‘Save’, then ‘Build’, but the roster is not building.

A: Ensure the commencement date field is populated. The commencement date field is found both on the Rosters tab and the Personal Details tab. The roster will then build properly.

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INX InControl

Q: How do I look at an overview of the data entered for an event, especially for approvers and those people closing out an event report?

A: At the bottom of the Report Close Out tab is a plus sign with the description of Display Event Summary. Clicking on this shows all the data entered for the event including thumbnails of any photos uploaded.

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Lodge a support ticket - as simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Review Help

Make sure you have reviewed the help options above to see if this solves your problem.

2. System Admin

Report the problem to your system administrator to see if it is an internal or system setting issue.

3. Submit Ticket

If this still hasn’t solved your problem, lodge your support ticket or contact us on 1300 746 084 (Australasia) and 1888 389 0379 (North America).

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How our support works

Our support tool allows administrators to submit tickets online which are then passed through to our support team for review.

Administrators can log in at any time to review the status of their tickets and track their progress through to completion. 

Note: You will only be able to access the support dashboard with the login which has been assigned to your company. Please speak to your system administrator about any queries and help questions.


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