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Benefits to individuals and the company as a whole

Unlike other workforce management solutions, INX Software understands that business is a multi-department, multi-process activity. Success and productivity is best achieved by companies whose people and departments work in harmony with one another and this is facilitated by the systems in place to complete day to day tasks.

INX Software is just that; a powerful, easy-to-use, accessible solution that brings together different departmental requirements through one shared database. We have replaced the restricted view and error prone forms, spreadsheets and manual systems and have consolidated the business requirements across Safety, Risk, Compliance, Logistics, Environment, Training & Competence, Stakeholders, Management of Change and Occupational Health & Hygiene through our platform. The power of our solution comes in the ability to run one solution by itself or if needed, in conjunction with others with all relevant data automatically shared and updated for you. We don't believe in splitting these business areas up into hundreds of modules that you have to pick and choose from. Instead, you are provided with a comprehensive, complete solution which you can manage standard requirements and so much more with.

The result is greater compliance, more accurate data, reduced costs, improved productivity and company-wide participation that benefits individuals and the company as a whole.

We wanted a solution that could adapt to the ever changing climates of our business; INX provided this along with providing greater transparency across the company.

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Web and mobile friendly

INX is cross browser compatible and offers mobile friendly displays. Our native mobile applications ensure you can conduct your business in the most simple and efficient way possible.

Powerful reporting

Our solutions come built with standard reports and graphs which can be exported in various formats or set to run on a recurring basis. You also have the tools to create your own through the ad hoc report and graph functionality or view high level, drill down enabled dashboards through our INX +BI solution.

3rd party integration

Minimal disruption to existing processes can not only ensure greater staff adoption but also far greater productivity. INX works seamlessly with your existing programs so that information such as employee and contractor data, hours worked, environmental data, training, documentation and much more can be shared back and forth with our database.

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Flexible Solutions - INX Software

Scalable and flexible

INX comes packed with functionality to offer you a comprehensive solution across a range of areas. We don't charge you for using individual elements of our products; instead you can use what you need now and then expand out later as your company grows.

Regular product updates

We have a frequent release schedule with quarterly minor releases and one annual major release. You can now also submit feature requests and track their status through to completion.

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Flexible hosting INX Software - Technical Services

Flexible hosting

Whether you want to host the system yourself or have us host it for you the choice is all yours. Our technical team will speak with you about your requirements and make a suggestion about what will work best for your business. Our hosted services are hosted within an ISO/IEC27001/27002 certified data centre, for which Certification can be provided for your records.

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