An integrated Workplace Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management Solution

Clipboard showing list of compliances.

Achieve Compliance

A digital framework to guide operational adherence to legislative and workplace standards.

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Streamline Operational Efficiencies

Single platform with a holistic view of people and your workplace for organisational transparency and reporting.

Worker to be kept safe by HSEQ software.

Keep People Safe

An intelligent system backed by industry expertise and experience to keep people safe by tracking performance and accountability.

Health and Safety Manager in yellow hi-vis vest standing in front of heavy duty Earth mining machinery, writing safety event on tablet device.


Simplify workforce and environmental management

One system to address your OHS and EHS requirements and future-proof your workforce and business.

Two HSE Plant Operation Supervisors standing in front of lit-up oil and gas industrial plant at sunset with pink and purple sky.


Benchmark solution for high-risk and complex operations

Our system is adopted as standard across Mining, Energy and government sectors and other industries, with over 180 enterprise clients to date.

Powering teams of all sizes

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First Quantum Minerals Logo showing tilted black square balancing on it's corner with company name under the symbol.

Looking to implement our new management system, we were pleased to find INX was able to accommodate our needs and overcome the limitations experienced with our previous system.

Charlie Watt

System Administrator

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